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Feature Release 06/23

BI in Dashboard

  • The Dashboard has been reworked and features insightful data such as validated orders, corrected addresses and how much costs you saved. Additionally, you can change the time period and filter by your shipping countries. The figures shown under “Saved costs” are dependent on the information given in the ROI-calculator and can be adjusted there.
Custom Sender
  • By popular demand, customer sender emails have been added to the app. This allows you to send emails from your own domain. This enables you to choose the sender email and the sender name. To activate, please navigate to settings in the app.
    (Pro-plan feature) 

Language detection via URL

  • The app’s frontend contains many different texts e.g. order status page, email etc. which can be translated. For merchants who are not using the Shopify translation API, we implemented language detection via URL. Therefore, all translations in the frontend can be made with apps like Weglot, Langify etc.

No validation notifications after fulfillment

  • The address validation process is disabled for the customer as soon as fulfillment occurs. This means, that the banner on the address validation page is disabled and the button in the email leads to a page telling the customer, that the address validation banner on the order status page is disabled as soon as fulfillment occurs, which prevents customers from changing their address afterwards.


  • For orders for which no shipping is required, such as digital downloads, recurring orders like subscriptions, no validations are performed. The merchant thus saves the costs for these validations.

Disable footer

  • The default email footer by Address Validation iO can be disabled to better focus on your store branding.
    (Pro-plan feature)

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