Address Validation for Shopify
Keep your Shopify deliveries right! Save money with correct addresses and less returns.

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Address Validation in a nutshell

What happens, if a wrong address is detected?

Customer gets notified

Customer fixes wrong address

Orders are shipped on time

Delight your customers

Notify customers of incorrect addresses & enable easy improvements.

Inform prompt after purchase

A clearly visible banner or pop-up will appear on the order status page right after the order is placed

Address fixed easily

The address can be fixed either manually or by choosing from the suggestions

Notification email

Engage customers to fix their address by seperately sending them a notification email

Save money

The app is crafted to minimize costs stemming from inaccurate address details. Imagine your monthly unshippable orders and their associated expenses. Address Validation iO slashes incorrect shipping addresses by 80%.


One step ahead

Address Validation iO focuses on the people using the app. Empowering merchants with customizability, data-compliancy, and cost savings.

Avoid wrong addresses

Our address validation app validates the costumers entered shipping address and tags orders with possible inconsistencies.

High level of customization

Customize the app to your needs. The address validation page can be designed the same way as your Shopify store.

125 countries & territories

The app's customer interface is multilingual. The database of 125 countries/ territories enables you to deliver all over the world.

Save money

Prevent orders to fail due to faulty address data and save return handling costs.

Data privacy

This service meets european privacy regulations and is DSGVO and CCPA compliant.

Mobile friendly

The app is tested and optimized for mobile devices.