Why Address Validation iO?

Shopify does not provide sufficient address validation in the checkout by itself. However, this is precisely where customers often make mistakes when entering their data. The results are delayed deliveries, costly returns and dissatisfied customers. Address Validation iO makes address validation easy by automatically verifying the customer's shipping address.

Save Money!

Calculationwithout Address Validation iO
orders / month250250
5% wrong addresses / month13 3
return costs / order5.00 $ 5.00 $
costs for Address Validation iO / order0 $ 0.04 $
costs for Address Validation iO / month 0 $9.90 $
costs / month62.50 $15.12 $

The calculation is using assumptions like that the return costs are 5$ per order. This varies from merchant to merchant. Studies show, that the rate of wrong addresses per month is about 5%. Using an address validation app for Shopify such as Address Validation iO can reduce wrong addresses by 80%. Check out the ROI-Calculation!

Avoid wrong addresses

Our address validation app validates the costumers entered shipping address and tags orders with possible inconsistencies.

High level of customization

Customize the app to your needs - the address validation page can be designed the same way as your Shopify store.

125 countries & territories

Our customer interface is multilingual. The database of 125 countries resp. territories enables you to deliver all over the world.

This is how its works!

Save money

Address validation, before fowarding the order to fulfillment will keep your return costs to a minimum.

Easy to use and set up

Our address validation app works out of the box right after the installation. You're ready to validate within minutes.

Mobile friendly

The app is tested and optimized for mobile devices like phones and tablets up to desktop devices.