Address validation after checkout

Address Validation iO will notify the customer in case of a wrong address either through a pop-up or a banner. By clicking on “Update address”, the customer will be redirected to the address validation page to correct the address. There, the customer can correct his address either by clicking on the given suggestions based on the entered address or by filling in the address data manually.

Supports Express Checkout

Unlike some other address correction tools, Address Validation iO operates after the checkout process, address data provided by Express Checkout such as PayPal, Google Pay,  Apple Pay etc. will also be validated without a problem. 

Fully customizable UI

Address Validation iO integrates as easy as possible. This also applies to the design. Therefore you are able to design the app's frontend to match your store's design. That includes the address validation page, every pop-up or banner shown in the app and the notification email.

Automatic email notification

In case a customer misses the wrong-address-notification on the order status page, Address Validation iO will send an email to the customers email address including the same link which leads to the address validation page.

Multilingual Frontend

Address Validation iO supports all languages selectable in shopify including different spellings such as in Arabic from right to left. If you are not satisfied with the provided translations, simply edit your texts. This way you guarantee that your customers are always addressed in the way they are familiar with.

Automatic Tagging

The app seamlessly integrates into your fulfillment. Orders with wrong addresses will receive an invalid address tag and therefore will not be processed. As soon as the address is validated, the order will receive a valid address tag which also enables fulfillment to process the order.

Manual Validation

Orders can also be validated manually in the event that, for example, the order was not made through the online store but by telephone. In this case the address validation can be done directly in the orders by you. So it is possible for you to validate addresses that come into your database through other channels.