Awesome app features

Address Validation iO comes with many different features. Check them out here!

Checkout Validation
Exclusive to Shopify Plus!

Real-time-address-capture. Seamlessly verify and correct customer addresses while they are entered. Validation during the checkout process reduces errors and enhances the shopping experience.


Data is power. Gain valuable insights from validated orders, improved addresses and cost savings on your app dashboard. Learn from your customers' behavior and adjust your app settings accordingly.

Frontend fully customizable

Adapt to your store's look and feel. Every store has its own unique design and therefore a certain recognition value. Apply your brand design to the app by customizing the app's frontend and notifications.

Automatic email notification

Remind your customers automatically. For customers who have missed the banner or pop-up on the order status page, a notification email will be sent automatically.

Multilingual frontend

Translate address validation for all of your customers. The app supports all languages selectable in Shopify, including different spellings, such as in Arabic from right to left.

More features in a nutshell

Custom email sender

The notification emails can be sent from your own domain instead of ours. This enables you to choose the sender email and the sender address completely freely. (Pro-plan feature)

The default email footer by Address Validation iO can be disabled to better focus on your store branding. (Pro-plan feature)

Validation is deactivated after fulfillment

The address validation process is disabled for the customer as soon as fulfillment occurs. This prevents customers from changing their address afterwards.

No-shipping-required orders

For orders for which no shipping is required, such as digital downloads or recurring orders like subscriptions, no validations are performed. The merchant thus saves the costs for these validations.

Translation apps support

For merchants who are not using the Shopify translation API, we implemented language detection via URL. Therefore, all translations in the frontend can be made with apps like Weglot, Langify, ETranslate etc.

Validation of post-boxes

Post-boxes are locked compartments that some customers use to get their orders sent there. However, these do not actually have an address but an identification number. Address Validation iO is capable of validating these identification numbers.

Multilingual frontend

Address Validation iO supports all languages selectable in shopify including different spellings such as in Arabic from right to left. If you are not satisfied with the provided translations, simply edit your texts. This way you guarantee that your customers are always addressed in the way they are familiar with.

Express checkout supported

Unlike some other address correction tools, Address Validation iO operates after the checkout process. Address data provided by PayPal Express or Express Checkouts such as Google Pay, Apple Pay etc. will also be validated without a problem. 

Automatic tagging

The automatically tags orders based on their current state, such as invalid address or correct address. This enables you to use the tags for your fulfillment so that orders with invalid address tags are not processed.

Manual validations

Orders which contain faulty address data because they were not corrected by the customers after the checkout can be validated manually. (Business-plan feature)